Hi - Thanks for visiting my site. AP Campaigns is a small firm I started almost 20 years ago as a vehicle for political consulting and democracy-building business domestically and worldwide. Since then, I've worked in 25 countries and 38 states. I'm a serial political entrepreneur, having started several nonprofits and companies.

I'm currently focused on a new venture called Amplify Power - a voter contact firm with a mission to create a new type of business model for our industry.  Amplify Power is a new reflective and experienced impactful collective of independent consults collaborating to form a full-service voter contact communications agency. GAIN Power launched in 2020, and I've  GAIN Power is a professional network platform with the most prominent career center in progressive politics. Amplify Power is just getting off the ground but is a new reflective collection of diverse independent consultants united to provide political messaging and communications consulting focused on print, direct mail, and digital media. I'd love to tell you more me about my work if there are collaboration opportunities. Please grab time on my calendar if you're up to talking! 


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About AP Campaigns

AP Campaigns is a boutique political consulting firm and vehicle for much of Amy Pritchard's work. 

  • Services focus on voter contact communications, marketing, digital organizing, skills training, strategic planning, capacity building, and program management - especially for those focused on impacting democracy, elections, advocacy, 

  • We specialize in print collateral for field and canvassing programs, direct mail, and digital advertising. AP Campaigns was a strategic partner to the Mammen Group, Mission Control, and Deliver Strategies - where Amy provided leadership, client management, and managed teams to create impactful print and mail communication.

  • In 2020 Amy changed her business model and began managing mail clients directly at AP Campaigns rather than through strategic partners. This year, 2022, AP Campaigns launched a new consulting and communications firm called Amplify Power. She will service all mail clients now through Amplify Power.

  • AP Campaigns has worked with and for the Democratic party committees, national labor unions, Super PACs, Issue Advocacy campaigns, ballot measures, candidate campaigns, voter education, and grassroots advocacy.

  • Clients have included the DNC, DCCC, America Votes, For Our Future, AFSCME, SEIU, the Teamsters, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, the Brady Campaign, EMILY's List, and hundreds of candidates and other local electoral and legislative campaigns. 

  • AP Campaign is responsible for launching GAIN Power - a niche networking platform for Democratic & Progressive professionals best known for its career center and jobs list. 


​AP Campaigns works on Democracy & Governance program with International NGOs, providing training and management consulting to international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporations, political parties, and individuals running for public office.


Additionally, AP Campaigns provides leadership, business development, and client management services to Digital Turf and collaborates with them to create digital advertising campaigns. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.